The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

January 24, 2000

Banderas Bay


Hi, we have left Puerto Vallarta now and are headed South.  Ipala is our next port.  Just a little cove outside of Banderas Bay.  We spent the night and it was rolly.  I didn't get sick, ya ya!  

Penny and Leo from Seattle joined us for two weeks.  They had to get Mexican fishing licenses to travel with us and be put on the crew list.  Penny came down with a bad cold.  Change of climate I guess.  She has slept the last two days.   Today she is doing better. 

We are now at Chamela Bay, we will be going ashore tomorrow to look around.  We will probably stay here a couple of days to wait for other friends to catch up, Bob and Julia from Spokane.  Glad to be away from the marina.  Feels better now, like sailing and not like vacationing.  After we got settled here in port, Penny fixed a nice pork loin and potatoes and pear squash and carrots dinner, mmmm good.  We are going towards Tenacatita, Bara De Navidad, Manzanillo and then Zihuatanejo.  Till later, Dan & Sandy.

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