The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 8, 2000

Tongatapu, Tonga


Dear friends, we went to 19*47s 174*21w Lifuka in the Haapi group the main island. We went to check in. The port captain was wearing a red t-shirt, jeans and bare feet. He said "sign this book, thanks". We then had to go to the police station, which wasn't marked. There was a boat next to it with a blue light on it. A girl was entering and she said that was it . She ended up checking us in and was the constable.  She hadn't been there too long, she was from Nukualofa.

We walked around a bit and found the Mariners Cafe. Dan and I had a coke there and met Setasae.  We visited a couple of hours and then returned at 5:30 for dinner. I had pork schnitzle (Pork cutlets) and Dan had a giant hamburger. There were 18 boaters there, lots of visiting about the crossing.

Next morning we motored down the island to 19*50s 174*24w the Uoleva island. Wish we could have stayed there longer. Was a neat beach, looked like good snorkelling also. We collected lots of shells there too. We had a happy hour on Astrolade and everybody brought popcorn, eat it or loose it. I brought sweets - coconut macaroons and oatmeal bars also discard food per New Zealand.

Next day up at 6:00 am, dial sail to 20*30s 174*44w Kelefesia island. We set 10 way points in to get to that one.  We dodged coral reefs all the way there. There are things called Blind Waves they are big, about 10-15' high. Watch out for them, too.

Next day another 6:00 in the morning and day sail to Tongatapu.  We stayed on the side at an island ATATA 21*02s 175*15w.  We will thread our way to the main town, Nukualofa, tomorrow to check in again. We will get laundry done and look around and wait to cross the big waters to New Zealand. We have had 20-30k winds and 6-10' seas lately so we have been practicing setting sails for speed and balance. Need to make good time for the crossing to beat the storms. Till Later Dan & Sandy.

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