The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 13, 2000

Pacific Ocean


We are getting ready to leave for NZ in about an hour, so wanted to let everyone know we are finally on the last leg for this year. This is the big one so wish us luck. It gets pretty lonely at sea. The weather window looks pretty good for now & we will be going to Manervia Reef to lay over if need be to let a storm pass or we may continue on, depending on weather. The most we can count on is 5 days & it's 1000 miles so we need 8-10 days, that's why we may stop there as it is 250 miles from here. Love Dan & Sandy


October 14, 2000

Dear friends 22*20s 177*04. We are moving along at 7-8K, 20-30k winds 6-8' seas. We are travelling with Fantom and Astrolade. Things look good for now.  Prayers will be good for us now. Thanks.  Till Later, Sandy


October 15, 2000

Hi we are sitting here in the middle of the ocean in at Minerva coral reef. No trees or anything else just coral and water. We will be leaving this afternoon. There is a big low coming so will slow down and hold up at 30* if needed. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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