The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 16, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Dear friends 23*53s 179*13w. We left N. Minerva at 4:30 pm and are on our way. Overcast but cruising 6-7k,11-13k wind, smooth so far. Where is Littleton Harbor, NZ?   They had a storm and a marina was destroyed and sunk 200 boats.  They will be raising them till Oct 27. Hope it isn't any place by Gulf Harbor! But it might be.   Gulf Harbor is in Auckland and we are planning to keep our boat there. There are several marinas there. Till Later, Dan & Sandy


October 17, 2000

We are bobbing in the big ocean 25*25.818s 179*35.005e.  As you can see we passed the international date line. Now it is Oct 17th,  Tuesday. We are sitting here waiting for a front to pass and then will proceed when we get weather faxes and talk to Russell Radio and get the ok.

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