The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 20, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Quick note, we have been in a storm for four days & currently have too, but it has passed, we will be going in a few hours. We are fine, but are behind about four days. So all is fine. Our current position is 23 degrees-57 minutes south -178 degrees-16 minutes east. We were at 26 degrees before turning back, but are now on the way, weather report is very good, with a big window, so don't worry we are doing well & this boat is doing very well.  Til later,   Dan & Sandy

October 21, 2000

We would like to see mountains with trees instead of only water. Will be so great to put our feet on land again. We still have about 4 days or so. We are being chased by a storm, we lost a lot of miles running from it. We are tired and sore. To think of a great massage, a warm bath and a still bed. Two things missed are milk and washing machines. Most of all we miss you kids. Can't wait to see you and hug and kiss you all. Love Mom & Dad

Dear friends, 25*32s 176*30e we have been bouncing around so much I know we will have that drunk feeling when we touch land. I also know that Dan is wondering if we will ever get there. Our report from Russell Radio Des is that the Low storm likes us and is going our way. It should go east faster than us though. We are at least going SSE toward our destination instead of N, away from it. We are riding a Hi in now.  That means High seas, high winds and Hi tempers. Dan is getting very agitated with the wind and seas. He tells it to calm down then when it does he says "let's motor, there's no wind".

Ya know when you go skiing and looking down the hill to ski down, well that is like the waves. Except you don't exactly pick the way you approach them.   Sometimes they come at you at the side, on the nose or from behind. You may slide down the other side sideways or stern quarter. Yesterday there was so much turbulence that there were light blue patches in the water.  We both wondered if it was coral, but it was just churned water also with the frothy white caps breaking. We have been pooped on from the side several times. Mountains of water that don't quite make it under the boat because they are too big so they break over the top instead. Well, the good thing is we are still able to use the Auto pilot. That makes things so much easier. We haven't used the wind vane much though.

I made a pot of split pea soup as we were heavto and so we have been eating on that for a few days. We had Top Ramen for lunch today, I made scrambled eggs out of my powdered stuff, got it all mixed up and took my hand off to start the stove and it jumped out of the bowl and all over the cupboard and down the back of the stove and cupboards. But I made more and they were pretty good. Breakfast is my worst meal.  It is when we are both tired and need food but nothing sounds good. Wish we had nice sliced white bread so we could have toast. I made bread when we where at hoveto the other day and it isn't the fluffy stuff we are used to. We haven't showered only once since we left, too rough. Things are getting smelly here. Lots and lots of things to wash when we get to port. Well, the sun is out must go up to see it. It doesn't peek out much. We are wearing our sweats and flouly's - it is cold here. Guess it is getting us ready for coming home to the cold there. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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