The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 25, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Dear friends 31*44s 173*08e.  Thanks for the love notes, we need them to keep our spirits up. We have been going down storm alley lately,one squall after another. The wind has changed on nose so have to sail too much to the west. Need to go east. Tried to motor, only got 3K.   The wind was too strong to make any head way. Now it is bed time and Dan is going to try to motor again. We are doing 5.5k motoring toward our way point. Don't know if it will be Thursday or Friday. McDavitt says to get there by Saturday or the low may effect us. So probably for sure when we get there we will have rain for a few days. Dan is really determined to get their as quickly as possible. If he could sprout wings he would. If anything else goes wrong he will probably try to walk on water.

We had flatter seas, so he was trying to clean things up a bit. We have had water leaks a few times. The sink overflowed and dorados were spilling in. The only bed we can sleep in has been wet so we air dried things today. We have a pile of wet clothes in the shower. I even managed to take a shower tonight. Almost couldn't get dried off though. Was getting a bit rough. Hard to do it with one hand and hang on with the other, and have slippery feet too. Well I feel much better and Dan is growing a beard so don't stand too close to him. He said the custom people won't want to stay here long because of the smell. We feel like constant aerobics. Our muscles are all working hard. My right arm is losing power from winching and holding on to things. Dan's arms are also weakening. We did have some sun today.  We played music and it was great while Dan slept. I made popcorn balls, molasses and lemon ones. Still have too much popcorn left. NZ takes a lot of stuff from you so we have been eating what we can. We are on the home stretch now so we are pushing things. Still motoring, we have to with the main and Dan refueled the boat from the jerry jugs. 200 miles to go. Dan did shower and shave today. He was lucky he didn't get cut shaving. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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