The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

October 26, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Well, here we are at 34 degrees 41 minutes south-174 degrees 1 minute east. We are about 30 miles from Opua, NZ.   Now at midnight going really slow to make Opua at first light & get checked in finally. It's been 12 days that should have been an 8 days sail. The wind & sea has been on the nose since Tues, so have been motoring for 3 days now, getting low on fuel, but should make it in ok. We're in a high now & need to get in now as there will be a low behind this high & we know about those lows now. We're doing ok & this last day was really flat seas & no wind, so has been comfortable.

Looking forward to being here, lots to do to get the boat cleaned up & all maintenance work done, so we can see a little of NZ before coming home in December. We're pretty tired, but will recoup ok. A lot of us were caught in this storm a few days ago, so there are a lot of tired crew getting into Opua in the next two days. There was this boat called Zoe behind us that was running out of fuel. I saw a fishing boat out here today & called Zoe & told him of that boats position, so he found him & that fisherman gave him some fuel so he will make it in ok. Lots of that sort of thing goes on all the time in this stretch of water. There just isn't any wind right now & they would have had to wait, exposing them to another potential storm. Well will send an update tomorrow on our expected land fall. We're ok, a lot tired but ok.  Dan & Sandy

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