The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 7, 2000

La Cruz


Hi, on our way back to PV we saw turtles.  There were about 16 of them; they look like little brown hats floating in the water. We nearly ran one over - he was doing a quick side paddle to get out of the way.

We saw these jellyfish, they must have been a fresh hatch, there were thousands of them off of the point of Tenaticita. They there only 3 inches long. Kind of like a science fiction movie, sure didn't want to fall in the water there. I heard one girl got one wrapped around her, she said it was very very painful and they used ammonia to counter act it.

We saw a whale in the bay at PV and a pod of dolphins. We had the boat pulled out of the water to paint the bottom now it is red eew. Dan had a man and his son do it and they waxed and polished the hull also.

We are now in La Cruz rocking and rolling. Yesterday we shopped at Sams Club and got meat and we'll go back Thursday and stock up on fresh vegetables. We plan to head out to sea Saturday. It is really getting close now I'm getting nervous and excited both. There are two other boats going then also. There will be boats all spread out going different times of the month. From Cabo to Acapulco. I have a list of 39 boats going so far. Not quite what I thought.

We have a radio frequency for check in and visiting. All of the people going seem to be excited I haven't picked up on too much fear mostly people dread the long night watches. They say you get used to them and settle into a routine with in a week. We have to check out with Immigration and they take our Visa and then we have 72 hours to leave the Country. Our Visa is about up anyway. Till Later Sandy and Dan

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