The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 12, 2000

Pacific Ocean


19*41 107*17 Last night light winds 4K rocky & rolly, not very good sleeping.  On my watch (12-3) at 3am, we became calmed. So Dan decided to make water at 4am, the sails were flogging - so much for my sleep. We reduced sail and motored 2 hours.  I went back to sleep 6-8 and he was putting sails up again.

Today was beautiful,  nice sunny day, cool breeze, 15K wind, short rollers built to 5'. 1:30pm wind started to pick up to 20k gusting to 25 moving along at 6-61/2k boat speed EEHA - now we're sailing!

Boat starting to heal 20-25. Dan is sleeping, should I wake him or wait?  So I waited, there was a front building on the N. We were on the edge but clear skys ahead. By 3:30 we were becalmed again. Just sitting here bobbing around. Wind is sporadic.  Dan took the jib down and reefed main to stable the boat. Time for a shower - oh boy fresh again!

Yesterday we only got 95 miles, hope we do better today. Dan was pretty relaxed and getting some sleep. Me too. No worries.

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