The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 13, 2000

Pacific Ocean


We are at day three now & it's very calm out here. But it's real pretty, as the water is a pretty blue & the sky is blue also. The weather has been really calm & today we are going to motor for a couple hours to charge batterys & make water. I just finished taking my shower, as Sandy cut my hair for me. Will sit down in a while & watch a movie.

We have had a really tough day sailing as there is very little wind & that makes it hard to make sail conditions, as we can't motor too much because we need the fuel for later on.

We are about 200 miles on our way, if you want to figure out where we are here are the cordinates: 19 degress 36 minutes 92 seconds north- by 108 degress 06 minutes 28 seconds west.

We are doing fine & Sandy is doing really well now, she was a little queasy for a while but is doing really great now. She's doing all the cooking & we are eating very well. It's really pretty out here & peaceful. We are looking forward to some wind soon, as the boat rides very well under sail. Last night we had some nice wind on the beam all night & the boat sailed so peaceful & quiet all night. We'll talk to you tommorow on e-mail, so far the system has been working real good.

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