The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 14, 2000

Pacific Ocean


We are bobbing out here right now as there is no wind, we sailed all last night really good, made about 100 miles in 24 hrs. Not bad but it could be a lot better wind, as we are only out about 300 miles now & have 2300 to go. Our coordinates are 18 degrees 10 minutes north by 109 degrees 40 minutes west.

It is really pretty out here as the water is the deepest blue you've ever seen & the sky is endless, very peaceful so far. We really like it when the wind comes up so we can sail, it's so much nicer than motoring, less rolly & much smoother.

We are settling into the routine pretty well now & taking everything in stride. The boat is doing well & everything works fine. Oh yeah, had dolphins all last night with us - was really neat, they just keep you company swimming beside you all night.

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