The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 15, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi there, we sit becalmed again. It is frustrating, maybe we should have left in April. We have had winds 7&8 k. There was a bird flying around the boat yesterday. He was flying between the sails and then between the shrouds and the sails and then something happened and he got tangled up in the shrouds and hit his head and dropped straight into the the water. It was getting dark, so don't know if he died or lived.

Today there was another bird doing the same thing. He didn't stay too long though. Tucumcari had a Booby bird sit on his boat and ride - they call it hitchhiking. We saw some jelly fish, baby ones only 2" long a new hatch I guess. I saw a shark - I think just his fin and only one. I saw a pod of dolphins,  they where about a mile away from the boat. Jumping and playing. They are so beautiful. Dan said they came to visit last night for about 2 hours.

Dan has had his exercise putting the sails up and down. He said I thought you left them up for days with out adjusting them. Oh well he doesn't do anything else. But email.

I have been cooking pretty good meals. The first night I made potato soup, in case we didn't feel good. Then I doctored it up and made corn chowder. We had goulash last night and chicken rice casserole tonight. I haven't had to make bread yet. We have 3 loves left. Alonzie is a boat just ahead of us by 2 days and they said they got wind. So it is looking up. We have a net and there are 7 boats contacting at 5:00 and 9:00. We still are in contact with Puerto Vallarta, we have friends there. Though it is starting to get weak. It is nice to hear other voices out here. We were beginning to wonder if we were doing something wrong in sailing. But others are becalmed too.So that is the way it is. Time for dinner Till later, Sandy & Dan

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