The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 16, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Just wanted to let you know we are doing fine & still having very little wind. Only made 56 miles yesterday & will probably not do much more tonight. It's really very pretty out here, the water is the deepest blue your ever saw. The last two mornings we have had dolphins come & play with the boat for an hour or so, they are really fun to watch. I got the movie camera out & took pictures of them playing in the boat wake. Our new coordinates are 16 degrees 43 minutes north by 111 degrees 28 minutes west. Well Sandy is doing really well too, we changed sails today four times trying to get some boat speed up, but it was all just exercise, as we only have from 2 to knots wind most of the time. At night we will have about 6 knots from 6-4 hrs or so. Then will drop off again then pick up to 5 in the morning for a couple hrs. All day we sail at about 2 knots, pretty slow, but we will get in the trades in a couple days - then we will fly.

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