The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 17, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi, Yesterday we put up every sail we have to try to go faster. But it just wasn't there. But last night I got 6K of boat speed. But we were going West. Mostly we have been on course of 228 SW today our coordinates are N16*30 W112*28. We saw some dolphins, they don't have the beak that dolphins ususally have. They where so pretty swimming with us. They were grey with white speckles on the back. One of the other boats had a grey whale come up from behind them. Kind of scared her.

The water is so clear we have thought of jumping in but haven't yet. Today there is an overcast. Kind of looks like up north. Happy Saints Patrick Day! We are having cabbage and something. We aren't wearing green, try to pinch us - I dare you.

We started out thinking it would take 26 days or longer now we think maybe 30 with all the becalmed days. This is day 7 and 472km out. The same picture plays over and over with the change of clouds or a ripple in the water.

I did some wash yesterday, not so fun by hand. Raw Knuckles.  I have a wash board but it doesn't work either. Can't seem to get spots out well. My water doesn't have chemicals in it and the soap in Mexico has the white stuff they took out of the soap in the US. It comes out white and soft but the spots are still there. I have used brushes and knuckles and wash boards. I also have pumice soap, that helps. One friend just got a washer and spinner, light weight, it only uses 5 gallons of water and spins it well. Too big for us. About the size of a garbage compactor.

36 boats signed up to go from Cabo San Lucus to Acapulco and they will be leaving all month at different times.We are one of the first 7. We haven't seen any other boats for days. We only know they are there by net. It sure is good to hear other voices. We are still in contact with friends in PV. We meet each night at 9:00 8207MHz or 3:00z but they're busy tonight - St Patricks Day out to dinner. Till Later, Sandy and Dan.  Todays coordinates are 16 degrees 18 minutes north by 112 edges 31 minutes west.

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The distinctly battered appearances of these dolphins make this species quite easily identified, especially as they get older and bare more scars. This extensive body scarring is caused by the teeth of other Risso's dolphins which occurs during sexual contact.