The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 18, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi, well we had another incident with a bird. He was circling around and around and through the sails. Well, he got knocked KOOKOO and landed on the deck next to me. Thought he was going to land on me. He got up to his feet and just stood there. Dan was yelling at him to go away. I said just let him be. So he balanced himself with his beak and wobbled there for a while. He flapped his wings, so I knew he was going to be ok. But he just stood there. I guess it was good just to rest. They fly and fly all over the ocean, they fly about 6" off the water and waves. Then up and around and around. So I thought I would give him some crackers I was eating, well it scared him and he tried to fly out. But he landed on the rail then took off from there.

About an hour later he came back with a friend. Then two more showed up and then two more so 6 of them where giving me a aeronautical show. Was great. They are sleek white with black tips. They glide so beautiful. I think they are Booby birds. Well he sure made a booboo here. N15.47 W114.16

Had good winds last night mostly westerly, this morning we tried Southerly but Dan didn't like the angle. So changed sails, changed sails again and again. Seems to be the daily exercise. Time to cook again. Cook, eat, sleep, and change sails. Till Later, Sandy and Dan

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BoobyBird.jpg (4251 bytes) So why is this bird called a Booby? Well, its name comes from the Spanish word bobo which means "stupid fellow". The Booby is a very tame bird, lacking the fear instinct of other birds. It also appears to be a very clumsy bird on land, both of which have made the bird an easy prey for man. Hence the name Booby.