The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 30, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi,  N00.59 W129.47 We will be crossing equator probably tomorrow. Today is warm and sunny with small clouds around the edge. Had a good night with steady 10k winds slept pretty well. Wish we could sleep longer!! We get approximately 5-7 hr sleep a day.

We had another episode, I was reaching in the cupboard last night for something and there was a bug that scurried away. I got it and killed it. If it is a cockroach, it is small about 1/2" or less. Well when you find one there is probably more and sure enough I found another one today. So I have some boric acid and powdered sugar mixed and put it in foil cuplets. Now I will have bug bodies to clean up soon. OOwee!!

Today has been relaxing except I cleaned out my cupboard to see if their was a mess the bugs made. I also emptied my first garbage bag.  Now where to put it - we don't want to smell it.  Mostly plastic and foil stuff. Goop and cans go overboard.

Dan has the fishing pole out maybe he will catch a Dorado. The weather is so humid here and in the sun hot. Dan seems to sit in it all the time. He had to put protection 45 on today as he burned his face pretty good yesterday. He has a little white band where his glasses are.

We are having trouble with our B&G that tells the depth and wind speed. It might be something growing on the bottom. He tried to recalibrate it and probably screwed it up. Electronics are so confusing. They go down at the worst time too. We can get speed by the GPS but depth is important for the coral. Well he has time to work on it.

I am doing some hand stitching crewel. Oh by the way Dan stitched a leather chafe strip on the working jib. The spiniker pole rubbed it raw. I stitched a sail slide on the mizzen too. Dan found a bolt loose on the main boom I'm sure glad he is finding these things before we get hit with another storm and something breaks. I told him it will be a good time to check things out while we have good seas. Till Later Sandy & Dan

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