The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

March 31, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi well it is tomorrow and we passed the equator 19:41z about 1:45 in the afternoon. It has been a sunny day, slow moving.We are at 00.09S 130.19W We had another bad night last night Storms all around us. We only took 2 hour watches. We were up half the night. We got winds up to 30k, pitch black out and that old green monster just stayed with us for 4 hr. Then it broke up and surrounded us the rest of the morning. We finally saw blue skies about 1:00 pm.

Well, we celebrated by a big juicy steak and baked potatoes and squash. We will have a sunset drink of champagne supplied by Dick DeArmond.  Thanks Dick we made it! We took pictures and movies of our degrees on the GPS and dressed up in South Pacific attire sulu's. We heard on the net of Puddle Jumpers (one boat ahead of us) is at 02S and having storms and the other one is out of it which is 04S.  Well Dan thinks about another 9 to 10 days. We are in advance of another storm so we are motoring to escape its grips. Till Later Sandy and Dan

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