The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

April 1, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Hi, we are at 0.45S 130.40W We have been becalmed since yesterday. We have been motoring some today. Last night we just bobbed around. The current was so strong it took us backwards 4 miles and west 3 miles. Dan is trying to put 60 miles on by motor today. He added the Jerry jug fuel the other day, when it was also quiet.

Today he jumped in the water about 4:00 pm and was trying to scrape stuff off the speed sending unit. He saw muscles growing all over the bottom of the boat. He was gasping and struggling to swim under water. Couldn't hold his breath very long. We strung ropes for him to hold onto while doing it. Well in the process he got stun by a jellyfish he thinks. I heard him scream in pain. Didn't know what to do. He almost was incapacitated. Luckily he had a rope to hang onto. He pulled himself to the boat ladder at the other end of the boat.

I ran for the ammonia and dumped it all over his back.Guess I used too much cause he couldn't breath then. Was gasping for air so we got the hose and he hosed his face. I couldn't see any marks. But he said it felt like 100 bees stinging all at once. In about 10 minutes it was all over. I felt so helpless. I ran for a life jacket but by then he was up on the boat. I guess it could have been worse.

One of the other boats saw a 4' octopus by their boat, but it was at night. They where having an equator party and the deck light was on. There are things in that water. Dan has a dive suit and Lycra pants and a long sleeve Tee shirt but it looked so inviting and we were so hot. Guess it makes you think twice.

We took showers on the deck today. Think I need one every hour, it is so hot. The water temp is 84* but I wouldn't know. I didn't get to get in. There are only a few clouds around the surface edge. Every once in a while a big grey one shows up. Alonzy is the boat that is farthest in front of the group and he is 08.20S 137.33W so he is nearly there. There is wind about 03S so hope we get there soon. Till Later Sandy & Dan

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Jellyfish.jpg (4606 bytes) Their primary injury mechanism of Jellyfish is their tentacles' stinging cells (nematocysts). Symptoms include stinging, burning sensation, vivid redness in the affected areas, swelling of lymph nodes. There may be severe reaction: difficulty with breathing and cardiac arrest. Visible manifestations include long welt lines.
First Aid Treatment: Douse with vinegar. Apply ice for pain. Get medical help for severe reactions. IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION MAY BE REQUIRED as their stinging may bring about anaphylactic shock.