The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

APRIL 26, 2000

Fatu Hiva


Went to town and found the bread man - he had bolos and another French type loaf. Also found wood carvings and tapa. The local guys wanted rope and sand paper really bad. A couple days later we did some exchanges with them.


APRIL 27, 2000

Took tour over the hill to the other village. Very high mountains with wet, greasy clay roads. We went in a King Cab Toyota 4x4. Three girls in the back seat and three guys in the back of the truck. Hanging on for dear life. The view was spectacular, Fatu Hiva has lots of heavy rock formations and very high mountain tops, they also have wild goats in there. In the other village we went to the store, got sodas and snacks, had a quick lunch and went exploring for carvings and tapa. We saw Luke and Jackie again, they showed us the way. We also got some honey, looks like and tastes like Dark Karo syrup.


APRIL 28, 2000

Rained all day & night, the bay turned brown & waterfalls everywhere, coconuts bobbin' in the bay then a native came out in his canoe, in the rain, and gathered them up, part of their commodity ya know. We collected 4-5 gallon buckets of water, to do laundry the next day.

APRIL 29, 2000

Headed for the Tuamotus, a 3 day trip, back to night watches, Bah. Passed a ship from India, the captain talked to us for about an hour while passing in the night.

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This group of 78 islands, all but two being coral atolls, lies spread across 15 of longitude. They extend almost 1,000 miles in a NW-SE direction. Together with the Marquises and the Society Islands they form French Polynesia, and are administered from Tahiti.