The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

MAY 5, 2000


Pulled anchor, 1:00 pm, off to Apataki atoll. Overnight trip, arrived 12:00 am, slack tide. Snorkelled - was a windy anchorage, so decided to go to the other side to anchor. Was difficult pulling anchor, Dan was careful not to over do the windless. Whirlwind lost his 350 lb anchor in the coral there.  We returned a couple of days later to dive for it and retrieve it. We got to cruise on Whirlwind, back to that spot, then Dan and Walter found it and used the halyard to retrieve it. I got to run the halyard line with my big toe, it was electrical. We had lunch, Claudia made a gourmet fixin' and the next night we had a gourmet dinner to celebrate. We snorkelled and shell hunted there too. Catofun and Whirlwind went on a lobster hunt at night on the reef with a native boy. Got about 20 each only 3" tails, they got eaten up by mosquitoes at the boys house too.

MAY 7, 2000

Dan's birthday; went snorkelling. I had a stare down with a needle fish. He wouldn't scare and I was beginning to worry. I was trying to get into the dinghy. He had a long stinger about 6" on his tail. Didn't want to connect with it. I made a banana cake and we took it to Catofuns.


MAY 8, 2000

Mended the sail, Dan had ripped in the process of reefing.

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NeedleFish.jpg (13868 bytes) A slender fish with long jaws and rows of teeth, this member of the Family Belonidae is often seen in schools swimming along the surface of the warm bay waters.