The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

MAY 22, 2000



On to Papeete, Tahiti position 17 degrees 32 minutes south-149 degrees 34 minutes west, it is a two day trip, had to stern tie, not easy.  A boat, polo flat next to us, helped us. Lou and Cheryl (our friends from Coeur d'Alene) met us there. Bearing packages of M&Ms. Dan fixed the outboard since we had sucked some coral up inside. Went to Lou and Cheryl's Hotel to swim and went to dinner in town. Next day had them on our boat for dinner. Had a great time.

Saw them off on the Airplane and moved the boat to another anchorage, Maeva Beach, there was a big mall and grocery store there and there was also a McDonalds close by. Bought meat and veggies.

Next three days we were grounded to the boat, with high winds and storm warnings. The week before, strong winds got up to 60k and 5 boats drug anchor while the people watched from shore. There were canoes practicing for the race Saturday. Single rowers, 6 rowers, 10 rowers, and they were so powerful.  They paddled quite a distance and out in the ocean too. Out one pass, into the other.We left Saturday to go to Moorea, Cooks bay position 17 degrees 34 minutes South-149 degrees 37 minutes West.   Arrived in Moorea 3:00 pm. The night was cool, felt so good. Hornets were bad, so decided to move to next bay, Opunohu bay position 17 degrees 30 minutes south-149 degrees 51 minutes west.


JUNE 5, 2000

We took a dinghy ride to the Motu, at the end of the island to see about snorkelling, it was absolutely clear water. We saw a big sting ray. Lots of people snorkelling from the Hotels.


JUNE 6, 2000

Another holiday, I think they have a holiday Monday and Friday, things seemed to be closed alot then. Had a visit with Triumph and friends on a trimoran, and went for Pizza. They had music and we danced once.


JUNE 7, 2000

Went snorkelling with Whirlwind and we rescued a couple that had been abandoned from one of those tours. We took them back to their hotel. They had been waiting an hour for their tour to come back for them. They were getting worried. Snorkelling was great, shallow water, so could see things up close. Lots of small fish, lots of colors. Tourists had been feeding them, so they came right up to you looking for food and swam all around you.


JUNE 7, 2000

Us and Catofun and Whirlwind all rented scooters and toured the whole island. 4500 franks for the whole day. We went up to Belvadeer where the ancient rituals used to be performed, there was a reader board and a pile of rocks.  They also had neat trees there. We could see both bays from up there and it was quite a beautiful view.   A few little rain squalls now and then. We went up some side roads and saw some of the native homes and back country. We tried to go up the road to the waterfall but it was too greasy with wet clay mud. We had lunch on the other side of the island at a little road side restaurant. It took from 9 to 4:30 - was a fun day, kind of like home in the mountains.


JUNE 8, 2000

Whirlwind had us over for dinner.To us it was chicken fried steak and potatoes. The German words were Vernersnitzle and German Potato Salad.  We also had green bean salad with apples, asparagus soup and fruit with rum and whip cream. Was very good.


JUNE 9, 2000

Went to the pineapple factory - it was closed.  But the store was open so I bought banana juice - was great. They had different fruit liquors.


JUNE 10, 2000

Went to the motu to snorkel and picnic there, there were tables. Whirlwind & Catafun started the grill and we Bar-B-Q'd steak and chicken. Dave's from Tesla, he has a 40' boat from Ketchum, ID.  He joined us, we met him in Cooks bay. He is the captain who is teaching a scientist doctor to sail. They did the crossing and Doc went home. Well, turned out the Doc brought our new computer to us here. Very much appreciated. Haven't met him as yet.


JUNE 11, 2000

Moved boat back to Cooks Bay. We went out and dumped waste and made water and it rained all day.  We could hardly see to get back in the bay about 3:00 pm.


JUNE 12, 2000

Visited near boats, went to bar for drinks and met more people.


JUNE 13, 2000

Stayed on boat and tinkered


JUNE 14, 2000

7:00 pm hitch-hiked a ride into the restraunt to a Tahitian dinner and show. 3600 franks each. Plus wine and coke. We had roast pork, fish, chicken with spinach and taro root, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. Was great, the show was so bright and beautiful. I got asked to the stage to dance. How funny, my big butt up their shaking with the Tahitian boys. So fun. As we were eating dinner I was lei'd, ya know flowers around the neck. Smelled so good.


JUNE 15, 2000

Found Cockroaches and bagged all my spices and food in the kitchen and set off 2 bombs. Left for 4 hours and visited.


JUNE 16, 2000

Those cockroaches are livelier than ever. I was chasing them around the boat. Bad, Bad. Cleared out the bedroom, as Dan woke up with one running over his hand and one staring him in the eye. So we cleaned out the entire bedroom and set another bomb off there. We have set traps and got some spray. I will be putting out some boric acid next. As we watch TV, I see them fly by, such a nuisance. We visited other boats again, met some folks from New Zealand, (Calamara) Ann and Ross and decided on a place to set up for the winter - Taranga, NZ, quite nice folks ya know. Now I have laundry to do because of the bug poisons. All by hand of course. I wash, and Dan has been helping me hang it.


JUNE 18, 2000

Fathers Day, polished wood on the interior.  Dan charged the batteries and relaxed. We dinghied to the phone and called kids. Dave on Tesala came to dinner and showed Dan how to run fore guys and aft guys on the spiniker pole. But he said we wouldn't need the spiniker from now on, as the winds will probably be too strong. But will be good for the jib. We will be going back to Papeete soon to check out and be moving on.

JUNE 19, 2000
Did wash to get rid of bug spray

JUNE 20, 2000
More wash and invited Phantom (Dale & Tina) over to play cards (Baha Rummy) which Dale won. I was ahead most of the game but he caught us with lots of points in our hands and sprang ahead. I fixed scotcharoos and they brought flavored jelly beans.

JUNE 21, 2000
About 11 people went for a walk to Belvadere.  I joined them while Dan did boat work. I stopped at the agricultural school and had a fresh pineapple & papamoose drink and bought passion fruit jam.

JUNE 22, 2000
Had a visiting day and several boats stopped by. Tucumcarry (Bob & Cin) came by for cocktail hour. We had wine and cheese with crackers and oysters.

JUNE 23, 2000
Oponohu Bay, we reset but had an unrestful night.

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Wearing leaf headdresses, competitors sit in an outrigger canoe during a break in racing in Papeete, Tahiti.