The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

JUNE 25, 2000


Crossed over to Tahiti - bouncy seas,  got anchored just in time for another rain storm.

JUNE 26, 2000
Grounded storm watch, expected winds to 50 knots - turned out to be 50 kilometers, but it was a good practice drill. People took down sun awnings and readied extra anchors and laid out more anchor chain scope. The gendarm came around and asked some boats to move out of the channel. The anchorage was getting crowded. There is a lot of boats staying for the festivities in Papeete. The Exposition is going on there now and July 14 is Bastille Day. The night went well only 20 knots gusts. In the afternoon one boat was drug and reset and was fine.

JUNE 27, 2000
Sunny skies, went to town to check out. Dan needed to go to the chanlery (marine store) then to get our last provisions - some canned veggies and fresh ones & pork chops too.

JUNE 28, 2000
Girls Day in town,  Equinox (Nancy) and Reba (Jamie) and I got a ride into town. Did some of our errands as a boat from the Marquesas was arriving. It was two canoes connected with a platform with two sleeping shelters.  6 Marquesin guys spent 6 days crossing.They had a ceremony for them. There were tears and hugs and singing and dancing and gift presentations. Was great. It was part of the Atomony Celebration. Which is like 4th of July, their Independence day. First when they became a country,   second when they wished to part from France.

JUNE 29, 2000
Celebration all day. We went with Equinox (Nancy & Tom).  There was a parade, 3 hours long, every French Polynesian island had representatives in it. Beautiful colors and floats too. All sports and clubs were in it also. 15,000 people were in the parade. Then on to a light and dance show, then fireworks after that. What a spectacular day and it was all free! They had grand stands with seats to watch the parade. Glad we didn't have to stand.  Next week people have tickets to watch some of the shows being presented. There is an exposition of crafts and carvings in another town here, but we didn't go. Some friends took cars around the island to see various sights - water falls,   feeding the eels,  museum,  botanical garden, etc.  We weren't there to go or we would have gone too.

JUNE 30, 2000
Got diesel and gasoline and started toward the pass & were called back. Dates didn't match, so we had to call government people for an o.k. before we could leave. Onto Moorea - poured rain all the way over. Set anchor twice, too close to other boats. Made dinner and settled in for the evening.

JULY 1, 2000
It's the first of July, hard to believe the 4 of July is just coming up. We will surely have a celebration with someone near. I guess Canada's Independence day is today. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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