The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

July 18, 2000

Bora Bora

Dear friends Moved over to Bloody Mary's restaurant and are on mooring balls. A couple of other boat friends, Gray Hawk and Fantom were there. I borrowed Fantom's sewing machine and made some swimsuits and a couple of tops.

July 19, 2000
Austin turned 13 and they had a birthday party for him. We went to Bloody Mary's for lunch - $9.50 hamburgers. I had a Mai Tai and the burger was also good, and of course I had a bloody mary. There were 13 of us there and we all went to Fantoms boat afterwards for cake and presents.

That night there was a dance performance in the town square at 8:00, so we all dinghied in the dark to the wharf and sat in the sand on tarps and watched the show; it was only one hour long. They told a story about the bread and fruit, the colors were green and white. They had another dance Friday, but we were on the back side of the mountain.

It has been blowing and squally here, so haven't done too much. The pass in here is a little tricky.  They have channel markers opposite of what we have in the US - yellow and black cardinal markers N & S & E & W.  We were a bit confused about those, but finally found some info on a Quick reference Nav. Rule card.

We took the dinghy into the pass to check it out and things are tight in there. The Moorings chart is marked for this pass. But the Navigation chart is not. When looking for an anchorage place yesterday, we looked at the other boats anchored. We started cruising toward them and it got really shallow. We were at 0 clearance which means we had 2 feet under us and Dan kept on going. Then he decided to go in front of a boat anchored close to shore, and when we did it, we hit bottom.  Luckily it was sand so we drug a few feet and eventually moved into deeper water. So we got out of there!

The wind picked up last night to 20-25K and kept me awake half the night wondering if we would drag. But we held well. In this sand stuff sometimes you don't know what will happen. Hope to get out of the boat today. The water was kind of lumpy next to the  dinghy yesterday. Got rather wet, soaked. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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