The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

August 3, 2000

Pacific Ocean


Still at sea & doing fine. We are about 150 miles away now, so will have to slow down tomorrow, so we don't over shoot Suwarrow. We had to motor all night last night, then the wind came up about 4 this morning, so we got the sails up & have been sailing all day & night now. Have some real nice trade winds now, about 12-18 knots steady. We put the spinnaker out about 10 this morning & did a spinnaker run all day, about 6-8 knots & smooth. Had to get it down for the night, as it can be a little difficult to do after dark if the winds come up too much and it can blow out, so we play it safe.

It's very rolly now, not very comfortable, but we are pinching the rub line on a broad reach, so hope the wind clocks around for us soon. Our present position is 14 degrees 2 minutes south- 160 degrees 32 minutes west. Bye for now, as I need to get back to sailor stuff & Sandy is still asleep, it's about 3 in the morning, so have a nice day. Love Dan & Sandy

Dear friends 13*40s 161*50W we have been sailing 6-7K.  Two nights ago we were in a good storm.  The seas were somewhat flat and we slowed down to 1-2K.   About then Dan woke up and we were going to motor. Suddenly it started to blow 20K then on up to 35K.  We were prepared for it though it lasted quite awhile. Then a constant 6-7k since.

Today the seas were big - 10-12', so we rock and rolled big time. Dan hand steered a lot today. Thinks he made it better. Yesterday he did a very good job of sailing the drifter spinnaker sail. Lots of lines to rig up but we got up to 7k and were comfortable. A beautiful sunny day and hot too. Last night some clouds came up so we prepared for storm but we only got rain a few moments today.

I think Dan already told you about his 6' sail fish. About 5:00 in the morning I was rudely awakened by the fishing pole buzzing on deck  You know the fire drill - I take the helm, Dan takes the pole and then turn the boat to slow down. But that one got away. Then later that afternoon the big one hit. I was supposed to gaff it but I reached over board and couldn't even reach the water so Dan gave me the pole and he gaffed it - what a circus! Too bad we couldn't get it on film. Oh - have to mention we weren't dressed either.  So the pictures had to come after we were dressed and presentable. I think we only have one more day and a half.  The tip of the pole broke - so much for fishing.  Dan will buy another one in Samoa. Then we can catch up on sleep!!! Till Later, Dan & Sandy

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