The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

August 5, 2000

Suwarrow, Cook Islands


We made landfall this morning in Suwarrow. We got to within 10 miles at about 3 in the morning, so hoove to the boat until we could see well enough to go on in, was about 7 am. The pass in here isn't marked, so you really have to look real close, but it's a good size opening & we made it in just fine. Our location here at anchor is 13 degrees 14 minutes south- 163 degrees 6 minutes west. It's a very remote place here, the water is so clear we can see our anchor in 50' of water - just so nice & clear. Want to go swim, but there was a boat close to us & we watched them through some fish cleaning's in the water & the sharks were there in minutes, so will pass on the swim thing for a little while 'til we get a better feel for this place.

We got the boat chores taken care of by noon, then went to take a nap that lasted all day & into the night. Guess we are pretty tired still, so will have dinner & go to bed early. But tomorrow will dinghy into the island that is here & they tell me it's really pretty. It's only about 40 acres in size, almost like being anchored out in the open ocean. We have a really nice trade wind blowing at 20 knots & are thankful for that, as it's very warm here because we are closer to the equator. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it here & are fine & at anchor. Til later,   Dan & Sandy

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