The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

August 16, 2000

Pacific Ocean


We are into our third day at sea now, heading for Samoa. The first day was really nice, just the right amount of wind, so had some really good sailing with all three sails up. The next day was a steady 12 knots so we put up the spinnaker & had a super sail all day, 7-8 knots & smooth as could be. The seas are pretty rolly, but not bad - with enough wind to carry you through it.

We are motoring now, there is only 5 knots wind, not enough to counter the swells. We got up to 10 knots this afternoon, so put up the spinnaker again, but it was really difficult, so we decided to take it down, but it got away from us & is presently wrapped around the forestay with both halyards & we have no jib now. Hope to get into Samoa in 40 hours from now & hope no storms come as we have no way to hove to now. The forecast calls for little wind, hope that holds true this time.

We are motoring & should be there in a day & half we hope. Other wise it is really pretty out here & have had clear days so far. We are doing well, but the boat will need a little tlc when we get in. Hope all is well with you all. Our position is 13 degrees 30 minutes south- 167 degrees 39 minutes west. We will be crossing the international date line in a couple weeks, we are going to Tonga as soon as we get some produce, fuel, coke, etc & the spinnaker fixed, so that will be fun. By for now.   Dan & Sandy

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