The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

August 28, 2000

Vavau Tonga


Dear friends 18.39S 173.59W we arrived in Vavau Tonga about 5:00 last night. The first night out of Samoa we went between the islands and out to our destination. The winds picked up to 25K and 10' seas. Through the night it picked up to 35k gust to 40k and 20' seas - was a very rough ride. Buddy, you remember stuff like that. We hand steered all night, was very tiring. We only did 2 hour watches; we also hit rain squalls all night. I lost count after five. Next day was sunny skies and 25k winds and 8' to 10' seas. We were moving 8k boat speed, much better, so caught up on sleep that day. That night we lost some wind.  Dan wanted to keep it up to 6K boat speed so we would get there by daylight, so we motored.

It is a beautiful place. Lots of small green islands, boats anchored every place. The temperature is much cooler here. I think I may be able to wear a t-shirt here. Haven't been able to wear anything but tank tops, no sleeves. It is noisy here.  The dogs woke me up at 3:00 am and then the chickens started in. I put my ear plugs in and went back to sleep. There is a nice size town here, seems to be busy. Dan is in checking into customs and they will board the boat I guess so I am waiting for that. We will start cleaning soon - lots of salt all over everything. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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