The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

September 3, 2000

Vavau Tonga


Hi, Dan went to a mill here in Tonga and helped hammer a saw and line things up there. Said he would like to take pictures to show the guys there at home how lucky they are. The fellow gave us some yams and a papaya.  Dan is going to go back to work again next week and the man is going to give us a tour of the island.

We motored around to anchorage #12 in the rain and it rained all day today. I baked some and polished the wood inside. Was a warm, misty rain - very humid and damp. Saw some Humpback whales as we came in. Was really neat. A mother and baby and maybe a bull also. She was breaching and rolling and the baby was right with her. She was flapping her long flippers a lot and the baby was swimming over her. They swam beside us about 50' and Dan got a little nervous that they would get too close. Then that was it, they were gone just like that.

As I woke up there was a big splash and there were a lot of minnows under the boat. Some bigger fish were chasing them. There are 10 boats here now. In anchorage # 7 there was a beach party put on by the locals and there was a charge, of course. We weren't there for that one. In one of the bays there is a neat cave to swim into but there are sea snakes, so we won't be seeing it. The water here is clean and nice maybe tomorrow we will swim. We watched a video Tammy took some time ago of Coeur d' Alene. There is no place like home, where did I put those red slippers?  Till Later, Dan and Sandy

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