The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

September 13, 2000

Vavau Tonga


Dear friends we anchored in # 16 did some swimming and visiting. These Happy Hours last till 11:00 or so, eat before you go or take snacks and eat light. One of the boats caught some fish and shared with us.  I ate the whole thing.  Dan didn't want fish, but tried a small piece. We came back to the city and a storm was brewing, we were on a mooring ball - winds got up to 45k, was just fine.

Dan worked again - they flew a sway up from the other island and it was so bad he had to trash that one. They wanted us to take it on the boat then back to that island, Dan had to say we couldn't do that. He said we would stop by the mill in Nuku'alofa, the island south where the King is, and help them at that mill too.

Sawtecki, the manager, took us on a tour of the whole island all day long. Showing us trees and gardens of taro and yams from one village to another, it was interesting. We took a hill top hike to see the bays and islands all around us. Was quite beautiful. They have a lagoon where they get all the shellfish they want. They also get their sand for construction there.

We are back at anchorage again in #7.  Some friends are here too: Fantom came in from Samoa and Grayhawk and Astrolade are on the way, will be there tomorrow. The guys had a great, big project today - Flying Cloud lost the top of his mast in a storm coming from Samoa, was wood and rotten. So the guys lowered it and used the boom for leverage and then lowered the boom with the mizzen. An all-day project with lots of chiefs in the planning. They did a great job with no injuries. I took movies of it.

We had a beach potluck tonight - quite a few people where there. Had lots of food and fun. There were lots of little children. 3mo, 21mo, 2yr, 4yr, 6yr, 11yr & 14yr. It was great for them to get off their boats and run on the beach. A lady that lived on the beach came to us and wanted $2 ea. for using her beach. It was public beach but we didn't want to cause trouble so we paid $2 a family. Oh well. Guy from Barnacle Beach resort came and told us she had no right to charge us and invited us to their Tongan Feast dinner and dance the following night at $20 a person. Maybe we will go investigate the Swallow Cave tomorrow. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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