The Elkins Round-the-World Voyage

September 22, 2000

Vavau Tonga


Hi - still in Vavau, Dan is planning to go to the mill one more time Monday. It has had a cold front over us for 3 or 4 days and lots of rain. I did laundry the other day and rinsed it in the dinghy, then it took 3 days to dry. Everything has been so humid that we had to keep the boat closed up. We went with Flying Cloud to walk on the reef in the rain, we wore swim suits with slickers and rain coats. We walked in the water and on the beach and explored empty huts. Someone was making a resort and ran out of money - they got 30,000 to start, not much to show for it, two huts closed up.

There is a restaurant here, Spanish people are running it. Only one selection Paella - you get various other entries with it. The man plays guitar and the wife dances the flamenco. For a nice round fee of $35 panga each. We didn't go to it, but Flying Cloud did and they said the food was good but a bit expensive. She and I went to peek at the place, at first I couldn't believe that it was a restaurant then we peek inside and it looked bigger. We want to go to #14 and have a meal at the Blue Lagoon. Friends went and said $29 ea. and choice of red snapper or chicken. Over there you get to see whales going by frequently. I think the flamenco dancing would have been neat to see.

While we were walking we saw small clams and snails and an eel. Dan and I freaked and they said it is harmless.  It was white with a blue band by the head and white wings about 2 foot long, and was swimming around our feet not too close to Dan and I. There were great big clam shells on the beach and oyster shells. We must have walked for two or three hours. It was a good outing since we were all stuffed up in the boat.

Maybe we will snorkel today. We have been playing dominos (chicken feet) with Flying Cloud, remember they are the ones who lost their mast. They hope to put their boat on a freighter Friday to go to New Zealand. Today it was sunny for a few minutes, we expect more rain soon as this is the monsoon season. Some of the boats left today for Fiji and NZ.  We should be doing that too. We will soon. Till Later Dan & Sandy

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