Armstrong Arbor Alignment System                              

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The new Arbor Alignment System will align all No. 4 and No. 6 Armstrong band saws sharpeners to grind a perfectly square tooth

Armstrong introduces a system for precisely aligning the grinding wheel arbor to the faceplate on all No. 4and No. 6 Armstrong band saw sharpeners. 

This easy-to-use tool includes a precision, rust-proof plate and a magnetic dial indicator in a storage/carrying case. The plate bolts over the faceplate and the magnetic dial indicator measures the exact alignment of the arbor with respect to the center of any band saw.  

The Armstrong system is the fastest and most accurate way to align a band saw sharpener. There are no additional plates required for varying saw thicknesses. One tool fits all Armstrong No. 4, and 6 band saw sharpeners. It can even be easily modified to fit some other makes of band saw sharpeners.

How to Order:
  • Part 14646 Arbor Alignment Gauge System
  • Shipping Weight: 15 pounds

2135 NW 21st Ave.    Portland, OR 97209 USA
(503) 228-8381  Fax: (503) 228-8384

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Holding a straight edge on the face plate, check the alignment of the grinding wheel arbor front and back while the grinding head is fully lowered and again, front and back, when the head is raised.