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Automatic Cobalt Chromium Alloy Tipping Machine

Reliability to increase your profitability

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AUTOTIP features:


Hydraulic power and heavy-duty construction make the AUTOTIP a machine you can count on. Many have been in constant service for over 9 years.


Pure Cobalt Chromium Alloy tips in 13 sizes mean lower tip costs and quicker grinding times.


Band, sash gang and circular saws can be tipped on the same machine. It takes just minutes to switch from one saw type to another.


Tips up to four 220 tooth band saws per eight hour shift. Many AUTOTIPs place more than 100,000 tips per year. A single machine can service up to 12 band mills or 7 band mills and 60 circular saws.


Safe and reliable tipping procedure also avoids mixing of Cobalt Chromium Alloy and saw steel for a superior cutting edge.


Microprocessor control allows fully automatic operation so filers can perform other work while saws are tipped.


     Maximize profits with an AUTOTIP Cobalt Chromium Alloy® tipping machine you can count on!   Successful Cobalt Chromium Alloy programs start with installing the best equipment, from a reliable manufacturer who will partner with you long after the sale. Armstrong provides the necessary equipment, training and support to gain maximum benefits from Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipping, almost immediately. Our complete program includes filing room layout, equipment selection to meet your needs, installation, in-depth training and local support.

    The AUTOTIP welds and anneals each tip before advancing to the next tooth. Preformed Cobalt Chromium Alloy tips from Armstrong typically cost less than half the cost of "balls" or rods used by other automated machines.
     Why Preformed Tips? - Preformed tips are available in 13 sizes (new sizes can be made on request), so just the right amount of Cobalt Chromium Alloy is applied to each tooth. Grinding times are reduced and there is less tendency for tooth deflection during grinding. Preformed Cobalt Chromium Alloy tips from Armstrong typically cost less than half the cost of "balls" or rod used by other automatic machines.

     Our new extra long tips are ideal for filers using an alternating bevel on their saws. In fact, the AUTOTIP is the best choice for mills interested in using this technique to achieve sharper saws.The AUTOTIP welds and anneals each tip before advancing to the next tooth. This provides a durable, high quality bond for reliable performance on the saw.

     Resistance Welding for Superior Results - Resistance welding is a safer, simpler way to apply Cobalt Chromium Alloy tips. The AUTOTIP takes full advantage of the lower heat required to maintain the purity of the saw tips. There is no mixing of the steel and Cobalt Chromium Alloy, as often happens with plasma machines, because the AUTOTIP "spot welds" the preformed tips to the saw plate. The result is a stronger, harder, purer tip that can be profiled and side ground much quicker.

     Support Where and When You Need It - Armstrong machines are sold and serviced through a worldwide network of Stocking Distributor/Service Centers. Each distributor has factory trained service technicians on staff and stocks a complete inventory of spare parts. No matter what your need, complete service and technical support are just a quick phone call away.

     Specifications - The AUTOTIP uses a 3 H.P. (2 kw) electric motor with push button starter for standard 3 phase alternating current, a hydraulic pump, pre-programmed microprocessor, proximity sensors, automatic tip delivery system, and electric resistance welding and annealing system.



Saw Plate Thickness .032" 0.80 mm .180" 4.57 mm
Band Width 2" 51 mm 16" 106 mm
Band Length 10' 3 m 60' 18 m
Saw Diameter 7" 175 mm 40" * 1000 mm *
Tooth Space 0.75" ** 19 mm ** 6.5" *** 165 mm ***
* Saws up to 60" (1525 mm) can often be accommodated for a nominal extra charge.  Please contact Armstrong with specifications on saws for a quote.
** Smaller sizes can be accommodated.  Contact Armstrong for specifications.
*** Circle saws with tooth spaces 3.5" (90 mm) or larger require optional feed finger track PN 10563, available at no charge in place of standard or at nominal charge in addition to standard.


Machine Height: 61" 1500 mm
Floor Space: 41" wide x 55" deep 1040 mm wide x 1400 mm deep
Truck Weight: 1600 lbs. 725 kg
Ocean Weight 1900 lbs. 875 kg
Displacement: 96 cu. ft. 2.7 cu. meters
NOTE: Capacities subject to current design specifications at time of shipment.


Part No. Width * Thickness Length
10755-C100 .100"  2.54 mm .075"  1.91 mm .130"  3.30 mm
10755-C125 .125"  3.18 mm .090"  2.29 mm .180"  4.57 mm
10755-C138-180 .138"  3.51 mm .090"  2.29 mm .180"  4.57 mm
10755-C150 .150"  3.81 mm .090"  2.29 mm .180"  4.57 mm
10755-C165 .165"  4.19 mm .105"  2.67 mm .205"  5.21 mm
10755-C175 .175"  4.45 mm .120"  3.05 mm .240"  6.10 mm
10755-C187 .187"  4.75mm .120"  3.05mm .240"  6.10mm
10755-C200 .200"  5.08 mm .120"  3.05 mm .240"  6.10 mm
10755-C225 .225"  5.72 mm .150"  3.81 mm .300"  7.62 mm
10755-C250 .250"  6.35 mm .150"  3.81 mm .300"  7.62 mm
Extra long tips - of special benefit for alternating top bevel circular saws:
10755-C125-240 .125"  3.18 mm .090"  2.29 mm .240"  6.10 mm
10755-C150-240 .150"  3.8 mm .120"  3.05 mm .240"  6.10 mm
10755-C165-300 .165"  4.19 mm .125"  3.18 mm .300"  7.62 mm
All dimensions are nominal.   Actual dimensions may vary +/- .005  *Maximum kerf should be .020" narrower than normal tip width.

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