Armstrong Band Saw Sharpener Safety Hoods

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Note:  Actual units shipped will be the latest
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Armstrong introduces a new safety hood for the Nos. 2, 4, & 6 band saw sharpeners. This hood enclosure covers the entire top of the sharpener to reduce noise and dust levels in the filing room

Armstrong Band Saw Sharpener Safety Hoods

Filing rooms will be safer, quieter, cleaner and more productive with these hoods on every Armstrong band saw sharpener. Equipment and tools should last longer when emery dust is contained by the hoods.

Each safety hood comes complete with all instructions and mounting hardware and can be installed in about four hours. These hoods are designed to work with a dust extraction system (not included with hood) rated at 500 cubic feet per minute (14 cubic meters per minute) minimum. Mills that do not have a suitable dust collection system should order a system separately.

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