Armstrong’s Semi Automatic Bench:
The Complete Workstation

Armstrong's semi automatic bench combines a conventional stretcher roll and full-sized leveling blocks with the world's fastest, most accurate and powerful automatic band saw Leveler.  For the first time, everything needed to bench a saw is available in a single workstation. Filers can specify either a left hand bench (as shown) or a right hand configuration (with the stretcher roll to the operator's right of the leveling block).

Levels from the Inside of Saw
The non-contact sensor activates the leveling rolls on imperfections as small as .001” (.025 mm).  This sensor is not affected by vibration in the file room, surface roughness or even pitch on the saws.  It levels saws much more accurately than machines that use a dial indicator.

The sensor detects imperfections from the inside of the saw.  Saws are flatter where it really counts: against the guides and on the wheels.  Any variation in plate thickness due to wear or the butt weld is leveled to the outside.

Steel Wheels Stretch and Drive Saw  
Saws are leveled on the semi-automatic bench with Armstrong’s proven super duty band saw Leveler.  Steel wheels with a special coating to protect the saw apply 2,000 lbs. of strain to the band saw. This strain makes it possible to quickly and accurately level even large saws or saws with extra tension. One of these 42” diameter steel wheels drives the saw for positive saw control.There is no tendency for saws to slip, even when the saws are wet or oily.

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Touch Screen Control
Easy to use touchscreen shows the operator just what to do and reports information about the saw.  All adjustments are made on the screen.  Operators do not have to crawl behind the machine with wrenches to make adjustments, as on European machines.  Set-ups are fast, accurate and stored in the built-in memory for instant recall.

Made in USA
Rugged North American components are designed for the larger saws used on American and Canadian bandmills. Spare parts and service readily available through your local independent Armstrong Stocking Distributor/Service Center.

Filers can quickly adjust the tension and back using the conventional stretcher roll and two full sized leveling blocks.  A motor pushes the automatic leveler back out of the way while raising the  upper leveling block into working position.  The change from leveling to tensioning takes just one minute.

Armstrong Semi Automatic Bench

Armstrong’s Bench Is Fastest By Far
After automatic leveling, the leveling head retracts while the full sized leveling block is raised into position. The conversion from leveling to tensioning takes just 60 seconds.

The saw filer uses the built-in stretcher roll and leveling blocks the same way as in a conventional bench. The tension and back can often be adjusted at Armstrong’s semi automatic workstation in less time than it would take to move saws from a European “auto” bench to a manual bench to determine if the saws were adequately benched.

Armstrong’s semi automatic bench requires less machine time and often less operator time than other “automatic” benches. It takes approximately the same time to load and set up either machine. But European benches require the operator to remove the saw from one “automatic” workstation to another manual workstation to inspect or fine-tune the saws. That same work is accomplished more quickly and in less space with the Armstrong semi automatic bench.

An air cylinder lifts the saw for fast and consistent tension checks. Both leveling blocks are positioned with large adjusting screws so they are precisely aligned with the band saw.

Two Full Size Blocks

Armstrong’s semi automatic bench includes two full sized leveling blocks for inspecting and fine-tuning the inside and outside of every saw. Blocks can be notched for double cut saws on request for a nominal extra charge.  Each block is held in an adjustable cradle that can be quickly and precisely aligned to the saw.  The saw filer has all the tools needed to finish benching the saw before it is removed from the Armstrong semi automatic bench.  So-called “auto” benches do not have sufficient inspection area or the capacity for the filer to “touch up” a section of the saw manually.

A large motor and clutch drive one of the 42" diameter steel wheels to maintain a constant speed of 50 ft per minute during leveling.  The motor works through a clutch that disengages this saw drive mechanism when the stretcher roll is being used.

Includes Movable Stretcher Roll

Armstrong’s semi automatic bench can be supplied with a No. 4, 5, or 6 Armstrong stretcher roll to match the width of the saws to be tensioned.  All the standard features shown on the data sheet for these stretcher rolls are provided, including an adjustable base especially designed for use in the semi auto bench.  The semi automatic bench can be supplied without the stretcher roll for customers who wish to use an Armstrong No. 4,5 or 6 stretcher roll they already own.


  • Saw length: Saw length 32 to 65 feet (extra charge applies if difference between shortest and longest saw exceeds 16 ft) 
  • Saw width: 4" to 16"
  • Rolling speed: 50 feet per minute 
  • Net Weight: 10,000 lbs. (when supplied with two 12” wide x 48” long x 4” thick leveling blocks) 
  • Utilities: 110 volts and 2 cubic ft of air/min at 50 PSI for leveler plus standard 3 phase current for the stretcher roll
  • Dimensions: 80" deep x 66" high


An optional welding clamp stand permits welding at the workstation.  All the benching functions can be performed at this highly productive workstation.