Armstrong's New Super Duty Automatic Band Saw Leveler is ideal for saws running on 6 ft and larger band mills or saws with extra tension that were previously difficult to level automatically.

Total Saw Control
Steel wheels with a special coating to protect the saws control the saw with 2,000 lbs. of strain.  Even large saws or saws with extra tension lay absolutely flat on the carbide rails for precise leveling. 

Leveling Block / Inspection Station
Check your saws before and after leveling at the optional inspection station.  The filing crew can check to see if extra work is required in one part of the saw before leveling begins.  At any point in the cycle, the saw canbe inspected.  Never again remove a saw before it is completely flat.  The 12" wide x 24" long block can be notched on both sides to accommodate double cut saws for a nominal extra charge. 

Non-contact Sensor
“Reads" lumps and dish right through pitch or dirt on the saws.  There is no roller to wear out and no dial-indicating needle to vibrate.  Consistently levels to within .001", much more accurate than a dial indicator. 

Levels from the Inside of Saw
Saws are flatter where it really counts: against the guides and on the wheels.  Any variation in plate thickness due to wear or the butt weld is leveled to the outside.

Made in USA
Rugged North American components are designed for the larger saws used on American and Canadian bandmills.  Spare parts and service readily available through your local Armstrong Stocking Distributor/ Service Center.

Touch Screen Control
Controls all the functions of the Leveler and gives the operator information about the condition of the saws.  There is no need to crawl behind the machine with wrenches to make adjustments, like with European levelers.  Set-ups are fast, accurate, and stored in the built-in memory.

Standard leveling mode completely covers the surface in two sets of tracks. The second set of tracks (shown in red) is exactly between the first set of tracks (shown in blue).  The position and sequence of the tracks are shown in this picture, not the actual width of the tracks.  The actual dimension between the center of the red and blue tracks is only 1/8 inch covering 100% of the saw plate. This track sequencing feature is only available on Super Duty Vand Saw Levelers supplied brand new. It is not included in Super Duty upgrade kits for converting standard duty Levelers to Super Duty configuration.

Armstrong Super Duty Band Saw Leveler
Two-stage Leveling Cylinders

Two sets of leveling cylinders apply more pressure to sections of the saw that are badly out-of-level and a lighter pressure to areas of the saw that are only slightly out-of-level. Knobs conveniently located in the front of the machine change the amount of leveling action and adjust the rolls for different saw gauges.

Levels Inside for Flatter Saws
The non-contact sensor is mounted below the saw to level the saw from the inside for the flattest saws against the guides and on the band wheels. This sensor is mounted to a massive steel bar for unmatched accuracy (European machines attach a vibration-prone dial indicator to a couple of small, springy shafts). The hold-down gate hinges up and the touchscreen swings out of the way for easy saw loading.

The optional Windows-based Saw Tracker software downloads information to a personal computer for further analysis of saw performance.

All specifications and features subject to change.

Inspection Stand

An optional stand alone inspection saw stand includes a 12" wide x 24" long mild steel leveling block. The leveling block is ground flat on both surfaces; either surface can be notched to avoid damaging the saw teeth during leveling. Note the large adjusting screws for precisely positioning this block. The operator can quickly confirm the entire saw is perfectly flat before removing it from the Armstrong super duty band saw Leveler.

2,000 lbs. of strain
A large air cylinder stretches the band saw with 2,000 lbs. of strain to very accurately level even heavy gauge or highly tensioned saws. The 42" diameter steel wheels that carry the saw can be quickly adjusted to accommodate saws with up to 16 feet difference in length (for example, saws from 34 ft to 50 ft long or 40 ft to 56 ft long can be leveled on the same machine).


  • Saw length:  Saw length 30 to 65 feet
  • Saw width:  4" to 16"
  • Rolling speed:  50 feet per minute
  • Net Weight:  2500 lbs. (plus 400 lbs. for the optional leveling block and inspection station)
  • Utilities:  110 volts and 2 cubic ft of air/min at 50 PSI
  • Dimensions:  65" deep x 72" high

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