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The SidePro’s horizontal configuration and dual saw advance system allows both right and left hand saws (or double cut saws) to be accurately side ground in about the same area required for a stretcher roll bench. Note that the digital readouts are conveniently located next to the grinding wheel positioning controls.

Patents Pending

Armstrong introduces the SidePro dual side grinder, the latest in our line of side grinders for both Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipped and swaged tooth band saws

The SidePro’s exclusive horizontal configuration fits in the same area as a stretcher roll bench. Right and left hand and double cut saws can be side ground in about half the area required by conventional side grinders.


Two saw advance systems and grinding wheels that rotate in both directions allow left and right hand or double cut saws to be accurately side ground on the same machine. The operator can change the machine from right hand to left hand operation with a flip of the switch and a quick move of the grinding head. There are no saw stands or back feed units to buy.


The SidePro consistently holds accuracy to +/- .001" (.025 mm). With a wide range of radial and tangential angles and side clearances as small as .016" (.41 mm), the SidePro can be set for nearly every side grinding requirement. A non-toxic vegetable oil lube is automatically applied to each tooth prior to grinding.


The control panel puts all the controls at the operator's fingertips.  The Digital Readout (DRO) displays the amount of material being removed from each side of the tooth for fast set-up and adjustment.


The 6" diameter CBN wheels are powered by a 2 h.p. electric motor for heavy stock removal, even when grinding at 6 teeth per minute. An air-over-oil system assures smooth action day after day, year after year.


Armstrong SidePro
Machine Specifications
U.S. Metric
Saw Length:
Maximum* 60 ft. 20 M
Minimum 19 ft. 6.3 M
Saw Width:
Maximum 15" 380 mm
Minimum 4" 100 mm
Maximum .120" (11 ga) 3.05 mm
Wheel Diameter:
Maximum 6" 150 mm
Minimum 5-3/4" 145 mm
DRO Resolution:
Showing stock removal .0002" .005 mm
Tooth Pitch:
Recommended Maximum 3-1/2" 87 mm
Absolute Minimum 3/4" 19 mm
Recommended Minimum 1" 25 mm
Gullet Depth:
Absolute Minimum 7/16" 11 mm
Recommended Minimum 1/2" 12.5 mm


Grinding Speed: Up to 6 teeth per minute.  A band saw with 240 swaged teeth can be side ground in less than an hour.
Air Pressure: 100 to 80 PSI
Air Volume: 1.5 CFM
Electrical Current: 220/1/60 drawing 25 amps
(arrangement available for 50 Hz)
Overall height: 64" (1.7m)
Floor space: 48" wide (1.3 m) x 66" deep (1.8m)

Patents Pending

For more details on the SidePro and how you can arrange for a personal demonstration, call your local Armstrong Stocking Distributor/ Service Center today.

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The operator can quickly set the SidePro for right or left hand saws, number of teeth to be side ground and tooth spacing from the control panel.

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The 6" diameter CBN wheels are powered by a 2 h.p. motor for fast, accurate side grinding. The mist cooling system prolongs wheel life and allows for faster, more accurate grinding of both Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipped and swaged tooth saws.

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