Your Choice: Cobalt Chromium Alloy and Swaged Tooth Versions

One is Perfect for Your Saws

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For Cobalt Chromium Alloy Saws: A carbide rod advances the saw by pushing the tooth just below the alloy tip.

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For Swage Tooth Saws: The position of the carbide point in the feed finger is adjusted to feed directly into the swage cup.



A carbide rod contacts the tooth just below the Cobalt Chromium Alloy tip for a very uniform grind. When the feed finger retracts, it "side winds" around the side of the tooth, just below the alloy tip. So the Cobalt Chromium Alloy tip never interferes with the feed finger and the feed finger never dulls the sharp cutting edge.


A replaceable carbide point contacts the tooth in the middle of the swaged pocket for an especially uniform grind. The sharpener stops grinding automatically after one pass of each tooth.

Armstrong’s SideWinder feed finger is designed to increase the accuracy of Armstrong band saw sharpeners.

Both styles of SideWinders pivot around the side of the tooth just below the Cobalt Chromium Alloy tip or swaged point. The carbide feed finger never touches the Cobalt Chromium or swaged tooth cutters unlike the original over-the-top feed finger or cheap imitations.

To ensure accurate grinding, the SideWinder is easily adjusted to position the feed finger square to the tooth. The swaged tooth version of the SideWinder also independently adjusts the carbide point to feed in the center of the swaged pocket.

The improved SideWinder uses "air-craft" type bearings to support the feed finger. There is no end play and grinding grit will not interfere with the action of the SideWinder.

A"cartridge" holding the feed finger and bearing assembly can be replaced in about one minute. Kits are available containing everything needed to rebuild the cartridge to original specifications.


  • the model number and the hand of the sharpener
  • whether Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipped saw or swaged tooth version of the SideWinder is preferred.

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