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Free-Standing, Adjustable-Height Anti-Friction Bearing Stretcher Roll With Gear Reduction Motor and Reversing Switch


Armstrong stretcher rolls are available in either a Super Duty or Standard Duty configuration. The Super Duty configuration allows saws to be rolled harder and faster with less tendency to "dish" the saws. Parts last longer and, when they eventually wear, the parts are easily replaced. Standard duty machines can be rebuilt and upgraded at the Armstrong factory to Super Duty configuration in one week at a significant savings over buying a brand new machine.

The Super Duty version is especially recommended for high volume sawmill filing rooms and all saw repair shops and band saw factories.  Saw filers should expect their rolls to last up to 50% longer between regrindings. When rolls must be changed, it typically takes only half as long to replace the rolls in a Super Duty machine.

All Armstrong stretcher rolls feature a free-standing adjustable height base which supports the roll from 36" to 60" (915 to 1525 mm) high. The adjustable height feature allows the filer to set the roll to the proper height for his saws and matches the adjustability of the No. 81 Armstrong band saw benches.

The Super Duty Stretcher Roll includes hardened steel wear strips and replaceable micarta shoes on the bearing housings. The nylon washers that center the stretcher rolls between the bearing blocks on standard duty machines are replaced with thrust bearings on the Super Duty model.

Armstrong stretcher rolls are available in three sizes for band saws up to 12", 14" and 16" widths.  Only the bottom roll is powered. Components to power the top roll are available at additional cost.


Super Duty Armstrong band saw stretcher rolls include these hardened steel liners, thrust bearings, brass bearing blocks, micarta shoes and brass insert for the pressure screw. Super Duty machines allow the operator to bring more pressure to bear on the saw for faster tensioning without dishing. Standard duty stretcher rolls can be upgraded and rebuilt to Super Duty configuration only at the Armstrong factory.


Upgrade to Super Duty at the Factory

Arrange to send your worn Armstrong stretcher roll to the factory to have the bed and arm (the two major cast iron components of the stretcher roll) remachined and upgraded to the Super Duty configuration. All bearings and wear parts are remachined or replaced. These rebuilt and upgraded stretcher rolls perform just like a brand new Super Duty stretcher roll. Allow one week at the factory for the conversion.

Close-up shows the steel slides installed in the ways of a 20-year-old stretcher roll. Note also the replaceable micarta "shoes" that slide against the hardened steel liners of the Super Duty stretcher roll.  These "tighter" Super Duty stretcher roll machines work faster and require less maintenance.



  • 1 1/2 h.p. instantly reversible gear head for 3 phase electrical current
  • 1 h.p. reversible after stopping gear head for single phase electrical current
Model No. of Machine

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6
Maximum width of saw




Maximum roll traverse 12.5"
Approx Wt. Truck Crate 1300 lbs. 1350 lbs. 1400 lbs.
Approx Wt. Ocean Box 1550 lbs. 1600 lbs. 1650 lbs.
Approx cubic feet 63 63 63
  • P/N 8042 dial indicating pressure screw, fully interchangeable with standard pressure screw, shows the amount of pressure applied on the saw.
  • 18" long fluorescent light fixture complete with switch and cord
  • Extra rolls fit all three sizes of Armstrong stretcher rolls
    • 1864-H stretcher rolls
    • 1866-H combination tensioning/shearing rolls
    • 7164 leveling rolls supplied either as a pair ground to 60" radius or as a half pair ground flat with key removed when used with half pair standard 1864-H roll.

Older style stretcher rolls with babbitt bearings may be converted to anti-friction operation by installing a kit, which contains many of the parts normally needed when an older machine is overhauled, including:

  • New set of rolls with hardened journals
  • New bottom roll drive shaft
  • New bearing caps and centering block
  • New roll bearings
  • New back bearings
  • Anti-Friction bearings
  • Installation instructions

 (please specify serial No. of machine when ordering conversion kit)


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