StrongArm II


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The StrongArm II air clamp features two-stage clamping pressure for increased grinding accuracy and extra sharp saws.

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The UHMW plastic power pad clamps the saw to the carbide faceplate during face grinding, while reduced pressure allows easy advancement of the saw.
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An over-sized self-cleaning carbide faceplate is required but no included with all band saw sharpener StrongArms. This part has carbide strips set out away from the steel backing plate for a wear surface that stays clean and can be reground.
The UHMW power pad grips the saw tight to the carbide faceplate with over 200 lbs. of pressure as the cutting edge is being ground for the sharpest possible tooth. A lower pressure allows the saw to be advanced uniformly while the power pad and faceplate work together to keep the saw perfectly aligned in the grinding zone.

StrongArm II is available for all Armstrong band saw sharpeners.  To order, call Armstrong or your local Stocking Distributor/ Service Center today!

The StrongArm II Power Clamp Features:
Sharper Cutting Edge

Over 200 lbs. of gripping power holds the saw to the faceplate while the cutting edge is being ground for the sharpest possible saws.

Aligns Saw As It Enters/ Exits Grind Zone

The UHMW power pad holds the teeth and saw in line immediately before and after each tooth is ground, which is a particular advantage on double cut saws.

Self-Cleaning Faceplates

Oversized faceplates have carbide "rails" that tend to be self cleaning and can be reground.

Easy Installation

Illustrated installation instructions are provided.

Simple To Adjust

Faceplate alignment and high/ low clamping are adjusted independently.

Smooth Saw Control

Nylon "outriggers" align the saw on both sides of the faceplate for maximum control when grinding and advancing.

The StrongArm II power clamp is simply the best option ever developed for band saw sharpeners. You will be able to grind significantly faster and produce noticeably sharper saws after you have installed the StrongArm II

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