No. 81 Band Saw Bench

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No. 81-48 Armstrong Double Block Band Saw Bench - with three modular stands and supports for mounting two leveling blocks.
The No. 81 Armstrong Band Saw Benches are ruggedly built, with a modular design unique in the field.  It consists of a basic bench and optional equipment that will permit the filer to set up his bench to provide all he needs to tension and level a band saw to perform at its best.  Each bench can be adjusted to the height best suited for the lengths of saws to be tensioned.
Available in Three Sizes
No. 81-36 With two stand units for saws 20 feet to 30 feet long, with supports for 36" long leveling block (supports for 48" long block available without extra charge if desired).
No. 81-48 With three stand units for saws 28 feet to 40 feet long, with supports for 48" long leveling block (supports for 60" long block available without extra charge if desired).
No. 81-60 With four stand units for saws 37 feet to 47 feet long, with supports for 60" long leveling block.
All three sizes can be supplied for either one or two leveling block set-up as illustrated.

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No. 81-36 Single Block Bench, with overhead saw support.
Optional Items Shown in the Illustrations

Not included with the basic bench but easily added as preferred.

  1. Air saw lift unit as shown to the left of the leveling block in the illustrations raises the saw for a quick tension check.
  2. Overhead saw support and rollers for overhead saw installation.
  3. Auxiliary saw support roll for mounting longer saws on the bench.
  4. Welding clamp and support track.
  5. Leveling blocks.
  6. Armstrong movable stretcher roll.

NOTE: Welding clamp, leveling blocks and movable stretcher rolls available as priced in regular Armstrong filing room equipment price list.

Important Features of the No. 81 Band Saw Bench
Modular Design
  1. The rugged square tube steel frame of the basic bench is pre-drilled so all optional equipment may be easily added as needed.  The filer can fit his bench just the way he wants it.  To accommodate especially long or short saws, the number of stand units may be increased or reduced as needed.
  2. The pre-drilled design assures quick and easy installation in the filing room.  No special tools are needed.
  3. The bench may be set up for either right or left hand operation with equal ease.
  4. Additional stand units may be added if the saw length is changed enough to make them necessary.
Easy Adjustability
  1. The bench can be raised or lowered to fit the height best suited for the length of the saw.  Adjustable from 36" to 60" in height.
  2. The leveling block is quickly adjusted and leveled at the height needed for proper alignment of the saw with the stretcher roll.
  3. The end saw supports are easily adjusted in or out to fit the length of the saw.
  4. The Armstrong movable stretcher rolls have an adjustable base which matches the adjustability of the bench, for precise coordination of the height of the bench and the stretcher roll.  Adjustable bases are available for older model Armstrong Stretcher rolls which did not have this advantage.
Proven Design and Dependability
  1. The No. 81 Band Saw Bench was designed with filers' requirements the first consideration.  It incorporates many tried and proven ideas generously contributed by saw filers and saw doctors all over the world.
  2. The No. 81 Band Saw Bench is backed by Armstrong's world-wide reputation for high quality design and construction.
Basic No. 81 Armstrong Band Saw Bench includes as standard equipment the number of heavy duty modular stand units specified for each size, end saw supports and rollers, peg board and tool box, and the following lengths of rubber covered roller conveyor:
No. 81-36
Double Block Model ................................... 10 ft.
Single Block Model ..................................... 10 ft
No. 81-48
Double Block Model ................................... 10 ft.
Single Block Model ..................................... 10 ft
No. 81-60
Double Block Model ................................... 20 ft.
Single Block Model ..................................... 25 ft
NOTE: The modular design makes it possible to reduce or increase the number of stand units required.  This may vary depending on the length of the saw.  Please specify saw length when ordering.
Shipping Weights and Measurements
(same for both domestic and export shipment)
No. 81-36 Basic Bench, with 2 stand units 1100 lbs. 117 cu. ft.
No. 81-48 Basic Bench, with 3 stand units 1400 lbs. 141 cu. ft.
No. 81-60 Basic Bench, with 4 stand units 1800 lbs. 188 cu. ft.
Overhead Saw Support with end rollers and rubber covered rollers to carry the saw: No. 81-36, add 550 lbs.    40 cu. ft.
No. 81-48, add 500 lbs.    56 cu. ft.
No. 81-60, add 600 lbs.    45 cu. ft.
Air Saw Lift add:  75 lbs.
Welding Clamp Track add:  75 lbs.
(No additional cubic measurement required when adding welding clamp track and air lift units to basic benches)

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