No. 76 Precision Back Gauge

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     The No. 76 Armstrong Precision Back Gauge offers important advantages to make sure the back is uniformly longer than the cutting edge for the entire length of the saw.  It is designed to quickly and accurately detect small variations which cause oscillation of the saw on the band wheels.   The result is a saw that will perform at its best and take the maximum amount of feed.
     This back gauge is designed to be mounted on the top of the saw itself, which proves more convenient for most saw filers.   This "top- of- saw" model is standard, and will be supplied unless otherwise requested.  For those who prefer the back gauge to rest on a the leveling block, a "top- of- block" model is also available as an option at no extra cost.

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Two Lengths Available
     The No. 76 Armstrong Back Gauge is available in both 36" and 48" lengths.  When ordering please state length desired.
     New ideas as well as some tried and proven features of earlier Armstrong Back Gauges are incorporated in this model including:
Lightweight, Easy to Handle
The majority of parts are made of high strength aluminum alloy for light weight and durability.
Accurate and Easy to Read
The dial indicator is rugged and converts any variations on the back of the saw into thousandths of an inch.  Markings are distinct and clear.   The gauge can be set for any crown, or straight back, as desired.  A metric is available upon request.
Trouble-Free Operation
Dirt or flying grit is no longer the problem it has been, a special advantage for less-than-ideal conditions.
Greater Sensitivity
Made possible by precision ball type bushings.
Fits all Saws
The wear shoes are quickly adjusted to fit all gauges of saws - including single cut, double cut and sliver tooth saws.
Less Repair Costs
Each wear shoe has four wearing surfaces for years of service before replacements are needed.
Easy Conversion
Provisions have been made to permit the operator to quickly switch the gauge of to either top-of-saw or top-of-block operation as desired, with no additional parts needed.

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