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Leveling circle saws has never been easier or more accurate.   Armstrong's automatic circle saw Leveler is an accurate and high capacity machine with unique features that make it especially easy to use.  It is just what filers need to keep up with the requirements of today's splined arbor guided edgers.

Compare Armstrong’s automatic circle saw Leveler on your saws:

Speed: Levels 100% of the saw plate of a 22" diameter saw in just 8 minutes.

Easy to use: One button control and all adjustments pre-set at the factory.

Accurate: Levels imperfections as small as .0006" (six tenths of a thousandth of an inch or .015 mm)

Closer to the eye: Rolls inside the splines on #3 or large splined arbor saws.


The saw is clamped between a pair of three-piece leveling rolls which automatically centers the saw. When a bump is detected, the center piece engages, as shown in the illustration at right, to press the bump flat. Like an experienced saw filer, the Armstrong rolls press larger lumps further.

Top View of Levelling Rolls
Clamped on a Saw




Armstrong Automatic Circle Saw Leveler                       


Capacity: For saws 14" - 32-" (350mm - 825mm) in diameter and saw plates up to .120 (3mm) thick
Power/Air Requirements: 110 volts/1 phase/60 Hertz Transformer supplied for operation at 240/1/50  2 cubic feet (5.6 liters) of air per minute at 80 PSI (5.4 bars)
Shipping Weight: 2000 lbs.
Floor Space: 84" (2110mm) wide X 38" (96mm) deep
NOTE: Capacities subject to current design specifications at time of shipment.

  • One button leveling: just load the saw, close the door and press one button (not available in metric).
  • Three stages of factory set engagements for each plate thickness apply the correct pressure for small, medium and severe bumps. The head filer can quickly override these digital settings at any time: there are no mechanical stops to get out of adjustment.
  • Saws "float" on the centering hub. The eye does not distort the flatness of the saw plate as can happen when the saw eye is clamped.
  • Levels closer to the eye than any other machine. The leveling rolls reach inside the large diameter of #3 and larger splined arbor saws.
  • Works imperfections as small as .0006" (six tenths of a thousandth of an inch).
  • Inspects and levels 100% of the saw plate in two passes. Other machines often skip over half the saw surface, working a few concentric rings across the saw, trying to achieve the same speed as Armstrong.
  • Operator can select a one button "map and attack" option to work the biggest bumps first before automatically continuing to regular leveling mode.
  • Built in memory recalls exactly how the head filer wants the saw to be leveled and stores those settings for up to six different saws to minimize set-up when switching from one saw type to another. Because just the right amount of pressure is applied to each saw type, every saw is leveled perfectly.
  • Color graph stores the results of up to three passes so the operator can see the improvements made to the saw.
  • Vertical orientation eliminates the effects of gravity for a more perfectly leveled saw.

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