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The Circle Saw Side Grinder that Delivers Precision Performance and Versatility at an Affordable Price!

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The Armstrong TrueSizer is the ideal machine for side grinding both Cobalt Chromium Alloy and carbide tipped saws from 6-1/2" to 36" in diameter, or up to 48" when the extra-long saw bar is ordered.


The Armstrong TrueSizer is a proven side grinder that has been refined recently for superior performance. Sawmills and service shops worldwide are choosing this powerful, versatile machine because of its precision performance and affordable price. The TrueSizer is the perfect machine for side grinding Cobalt Chromium Alloy or carbide tipped saws from 6 1/2" to 48" in diameter.

A 100% power increase over the original design, to 1 HP per arbor, coupled with the rugged base, make the TrueSizer the most powerful and accurate circle side grinder in its class. This easy-to-operate machine features dovetail ways for precise setting of the grinding wheel, quick-change adjustment for radial angles and a clutch that has been redesigned for smoother action and faster adjustment.

Recent upgrades to the TrueSizer give it the superior performance sawmills and saw shops worldwide are demanding.

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Recent upgrades to the TrueSizer include the new quick-change adjustment, making it simple to change radial angles.


  • New quick-change adjustment for radial angles
  • Precision dovetail ways for quick and accurate setting of the grinding wheels
  • 1 HP per spindle
  • Variable control of grinding and retracting speeds
  • Micrometer grinding adjustments
  • Convenient eye-level control panel
  • Full flood cooling with two coolant nozzles
  • Chromed and polished grinding spindles featuring four bearings per spindle for smooth, long lasting operation
  • Flat belt spindle drive for vibration free grinding
  • Manual saw indexing system allows for quick and easy set-up when grinding a single tooth


Standard Machine

Please specify size of magnetic backing plate:

NOTE: P/N   13155 backing plate comes standard unless otherwise specified.  Other size plates can be substituted at no additional cost.

Part #

For Saw Diameters

Largest Saw Eye


8"-20" (200-500 mm)

2.75" or 70 mm


10"-36" (250-915 mm)

4.375" or 110 mm


11"-36" (280-915 mm)*

4.75" or 120 mm


15"-48" (380-1200 mm)*

7.5" or 190 mm


18"-48" (460-1200 mm)*

11.5" or 290 mm

* Large saw attachment required for saws larger than 36" diameter
Bore Size:
A two-step bushing for any two saw eyes is included with each TrueSizer. Additional two-step bushings are available at an extra charge. All bushings fit the standard 7/8" (22.2 mm) saw arbor unless a special 1/2" (12.7 mm) arbor is requested.
Tooth Pitch:
5/16" - 8" (8mm - 200mm)
Saw Kerf:
Maximum 5/8" (16mm)
15 deg. negative to 45 deg. positive
0 deg. to +3 deg.
0 deg. to +5 deg.


Small Saw Attachment:
Saw Diameter:
6 1/2" - 14" (165mm - 350mm)
Bore Size:
Minimum 5/16" (8mm)
Maximum 1-1/8" (28.5mm)
Large Saw Attachment:
Saw Diameter:
11" - 48" (275mm - 1200mm)
Please specify size of magnetic backing plate
Bore Size:
Minimum 7/8" (23mm)

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Magnetic Saw Holding Device
Armstrong has available the SureChuck, a magnetic saw holding device recommended for splined arbor saws.  The SureChuck comes complete with a magnetic backing plate and mandrel to fit any one specified eye size.

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Armstrong offers the Mag-Dial, a new magnetic side dial gauge.  The Mag-Dial has three carbide contact points for long lasting wear and increased accuracy.   A T-handle makes it easy to move from tooth to tooth on both band and circle saws.

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