ShapeUp Adjustments

ShapeUp_Adjust1.gif (3733 bytes)
• No. 1 Adjusts ShapeUp to maintain shape as wheel is worn down.
• No. 2 Adjusts diamond in/out to change the radius or "roundness" of the wheel shape.
• No. 3 Adjusts center line of radius to lengthen or shorten hook line.
Click here for a "Secret" ShapeUp Adjustment

The illustration below shows how adjustments to the ShapeUp will change the shape of the wheel and the tooth shape. In this example, the sharpener is fitted with a standard 350-Q cam for a 2" space X 7/8" deep tooth. The grinding wheel is 7/8" thick.

ShapeUp_Adjust2.gif (6326 bytes)

A and B are the same except the radius is reduced from 1" in "A" to 13/16" in "B" by extending the diamond (no. 2 above).

B and C are the same except the center line has been moved 1/16" from the wheel face in "B" to 3/16" in "C" by turning knob (no. 3 above).

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