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The SwingArm Power Clamp Features:

Sharper Cutting Edge
Over 200 lbs. of gripping power holds the saw to the faceplate while the cutting edge is being ground for the sharpest possible saws.

Aligns Saw As It Enters/ Exits Grind Zone
The UHMW power pad holds the teeth and saw in line immediately before and after each tooth is ground, which is a particular advantage on double cut saws.

Self-Cleaning Faceplates
Oversized faceplates (sold seperately) have carbide "rails" that tend to be self cleaning and can be reground.


Easy Installation
Illustrated installation instructions are provided.

Simple To Adjust
Faceplate alignment and high/ low clamping are adjusted independently.

The SwingArm is available installed at the factory for all No. 4 Armstrong band saw sharpeners and VariSharp CNC band saw sharpeners or as an easy-to-install upgrade for these machines already in service.  To order, call Armstrong or your local Stocking Distributor/ Service Center today!


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