VariDesign Deluxe Band Saw Tooth Design Software

Band Saws That Run 20% Faster Are Just a Click Away!  

Take the guesswork out for your band saws' performance!  With Armstrong’s VariDesign Deluxe software you are in control of your saws. VariDesign helps you design standard saw teeth, variable pitch, as well as variable pitch and depth saw tooth patterns for your sawing application (not some other sawmill down the road).

Variable Pitch and Depth saws feed faster, saw straighter and produce more lumber with less tendency to washboard.

Armstrong's VariDesign Deluxe is an easy-to-use tool for developing and analyzing band saw teeth. You enter the info about the tooth you are using now (or the tooth you think will work best), such as tooth spacing, gullet depth, and hook angle. VariDesign will draw the tooth on your computer monitor and show you the performance you can expect. You can easily try other values and immediately see the performance change you can expect.

VariDesign provides detailed printed reports, full-scale drawings and data import/export. This software includes all the graphical design tools for Armstrong's VariSharp CNC band saw sharpener for controlling the geometry of each tooth plus many additional analytical tools. Every saw filer, sawmiller and sawmill engineer will want VariDesign loaded on their PC.

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  • Import / Export teeth to VariSharp CNC band saw sharpeners (Design it on your PC; grind it on your VariSharp!)
  • Prints 1:1 scale tooth profile with detailed tooth data: what you see is what you get.
  • Exports data in DXF (Drawing Interchange File), the format most saw makers prefer to exactly reproduce the designed shape.
  • Over 300 tooth shapes pre-loaded, plus room for a nearly unlimited number of custom designs.
  • Tracks saw data including saw length, width, thickness, kerf, SFPM and average depth of cut.
  • Calculates and displays saw performance data in graphs that are dynamically updated as tooth geometry is adjusted.
  • Generates feed and speed tables for each tooth in a variable pitch segment.
  • Automatically generates a multiple tooth variable pitch and depth (VPD) segment based on a custom tooth you design.
  • Fit-to-Saw function that slightly shrinks or expands a custom VPD segment to fit your length of saw.