Armstrong's CNC Wheel Dresser

Armstrong’s CNC grinding wheel dressing/shaping/truing system significantly improves filing room productivity, quality and safety while reducing costs.  This new wheel dressing system  is available exclusively for Armstrong CNC VariSharp grinders.

Two-stage Shaping and Dressing: first a diamond cutter shapes the grinding wheel and then a “star” dresser “opens” the wheel for faster and cooler cutting action.  The operator selects the stock removal and number of passes of the diamond and stars to consistently produce the grinding wheel shape and surface you want.

Automatic Infeed: the operator can select the number of grinding passes desired and how frequently the wheel should be dressed on the VariSharp.  The computer compensates for wheel wear while it follows your instructions.  The operator can even select to take a very light final pass with the VariSharp at a slower speed to produce exceptionally sharp band saw teeth.

More Fully Automates the VariSharp Grinder: since the operator does not need to make any adjustments once grinding has started.  One operator can easily run two CNC VariSharp grinders.  Or a benchman (especially one using an automatic Leveler or automatic bench) can also run the CNC VariSharp grinder.

Trues the Grinding Wheel: the CNC wheel dresser maintains the wheel rim concentric to the grinding wheel arbor.  The wheel grinds with the entire periphery for faster stock removal, better finish and less vibration.  The CNC wheel dresser complements the larger grinding wheel motor, heavy-duty one-piece grinding wheel arbor and bearings, and the low-vibration poly-V drive belt that are standard on all new Armstrong CNC VariSharp grinders.

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Armstrong's CNC Wheel Dresser                                                                 

Replaceable steel "stars" open the wheel after shaping to produce a surface that cuts fast and cool. Because all shaping functions are performed unattended, the VariSharp becomes a more "automatic" and productive work center. Operator safety and the cleanliness of the filing room are also enhanced.


Same Gullet Shape Every Sharpening: the wheel is shaped exactly the same every time, so saw after saw is ground exactly the same.  Full sized wheels are shaped the same as worn wheels.  The night shift will shape the wheel exactly the same as the day shift.  The newest fitter will be able to shape the wheel exactly to the head filer’s specifications.  

Adjusts for different wheel sizes or shapes in seconds: the built in memory saves the shape you want for hundreds of different wheel thickness and shape combinations.  This CNC wheel dresser is perfect for single-handed filing rooms, large multi-shift filing rooms, off-site saw repair shops and saw factories.

Saves Time and Reduces Expenses: saw filers are available to work in another part of the filing room after the first few teeth have been sharpened. Saws that have been sharpened at a slower grinder speed on the final pass are sharper and can cut better. Saws that have been sharpened with a well maintained wheel usually last longer. Expect up to 1/3 more resharpenings from every Cobalt Chromium Alloy tipping or swaging.  Cobalt Chromium Alloy expenses may be reduced by 25%.

A replaceable diamond point makes multiple passes to restore the shape of the grinding wheel.  A ratchet rotates the diamond after every dressing to keep the cutting point sharp and for longer diamond life.


Recommended spare parts:

P/N 18009 diamond nib and
P/N 21572 star sets