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Printable Datasheets List
No. 156 Saw Engineer-Jan - Mar. 2000
No. 155 Saw Engineer- Jul.-Dec. 1999
No. 154 Saw Engineer- Jan.-June 1999
No. 153 Saw Engineer - July.-Dec. 1998
No. 152 Saw Engineer - Jan.-June 1998
Saw Engineer 1999 - French Version
Saw Engineer 1999 - Spanish Version
Standard Band Saw Tooth Shapes
Variable Pitch and Depth Tooth Shapes
Operating Instructions for:

Hand Operated Band Saw Swage

Air Driven Band Saw Swages

No. 3-10-C & 3-60-C Circular Saw Stretcher Rolls

No. 5500/ 5700 Shapers

No. 6900-B Precision Shapers

No. 4, 5, 6 Moveable Band Saw Stretcher Rolls

Tension Gauge and Straight Edge Grinder

No. 51 & 51L Barnhart Wheel Grinder

  Using the Arbor Alignment System

Trouble Shooting Guides

Band Saw Sharpeners


ShapeUp Tune Up and Maintenance Tips

17164 Saw Support


Illustrated Parts Lists for  Sharpeners and Stretcher rolls

No. 2 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 4 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 6 Band Saw Sharpener

No. 25 Circular Saw Sharpener

No. 3-10-C & 3-60-C Circle Saw Stretcher Rolls

No. 4-5-6 Band Saw Stretcher rolls

No. 2 Light duty saw stretcher roll

No. 51 & 51L Barnhart Wheel Grinder

Illustrated Parts Lists for Swages and Shapers

Hand operated band saw swages

Hand Operated & Air Driven Shapers

Nos. 5, 6, 7, and 18 Air Swages

No. 5-C and 18-C Air Swage

No. 16 and 17 Air Swage

Nos. 6G, 7G, and 10G Air Swage

No. 6900-B Shaper

No. 6900-BA Air Shaper



Filing Room Blocks (frblocks)