July through December 1999 - Issue No. 155
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Armstrong Introduces New
Circular Top and Face Sharpener

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The Prototype CNC Automatic Circle Saw Sharpener (sides and guards have been removed to reveal grinding and clamping mechanisms) will sharpen all rip and trim saws from 6" (150 mm) to 36" (915 mm) in diameter.  The touch screen, shown in the inset, connects to a computer.

The Armstrong product development team is nearing completion of the prototype of our new CNC automatic circular saw sharpener. This machine is capable of accurately grinding the tops and faces of all trim and rip saws normally used in sawmills from 6" (15 cm) to 36" (91.5 cm) in diameter. Armstrong has used the latest technology to develop a machine that is easy to operate and maintain, yet has the ability to allow the filer to experiment with any of the tooth configurations available today or develop patterns of his own.

The machine is totally enclosed and features touch screen control to handle all control settings. The saw and grinding wheel are fully flood cooled with a unique coolant separation system to separate out the particulate.

With servos and PC control, the machine will allow you to control everything from the amount of stock removal on any given pass to different tooth configurations including Triple Chip, Hi-Earn, ATB, or custom tooth patterns as well as standard trim and rip saws. Wheel lift off and grinding depth are also controlled by your direction. 14 different saw configurations can be stored and easily accessed to quickly sharpen different types of saws from several machine centers.

The machine will be available for demonstration at the September meeting of the Western Sawfilers Association, with sawmill evaluations to begin late this year. Additional information will be posted on our website and an introductory data sheet available in the next month.

Readers are invited to contact Tony Meiwes, Product Development Manager, about the new circular saw sharpener and other projects or project ideas.


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